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The android application has the functions of coding your ducky script, mmmm ... and decoding your inject.bin file in case you accidentally deleted your ducky script before encoding.

Best unofficial mobile application of Rubber Ducky

It is obvious that this tool is developed for the famous RUBBER DUCKY created by Hak5.

A passionate about computer security bought a Rubber Ducky, he decided to create an Android tool for her and DuckMob was the result.

  • Simple
  • Easy
  • Fast
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How it works?

The application has only 3 buttons, so it's very easy to use.

Load Ducky Script

Select your .txt file from your phone to load it.

Encode Ducky Script

Your ducky script will be encoded with the contents of the text field, your inject.bin will be saved in a folder called DuckMob.

Decode inject.bin

Select your .bin file to recover your ducky script.

Show Result

Test them on victim machines.

Awsome Features

Encode Fast

Encode your ducky script very fast

Decode Fast

Decode your payload very fast

Choose the language

Select the keyboard language to encode


It's free forever.